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Company registration


General information about starting business activities in Norway: Click here

There are two main alternatives with regard to company registration in Norway:

1. Norwegian limited company (aksjeselskap – AS)

Capital requirement: Minimum NOK 30 000.
Varjag provides:
a. Incorporation including ID-number application: NOK 5 000+vat (25%) + registration fee NOK 6 797. In addition a bank account must be opened in the name of the company with a balance of NOK 30 000 in share capital.
b. Same day delivery: NOK 32 000 with ID number application included.
In addition namechange registration fee NOK 2832. No share capital to be paid in addition. The company is delivered with a balance of NOK 8 000 deposited in our client account.

2. UK private limited company with Norwegian branch (NUF)
Capital requirement: NOK 1. No audit requirements.
Varjag provides:
a. Normal registration: NOK 3000 + public fees NOK 2832 + VAT if the buyer is located in Norway.
b. Same day delivery: NOK 8 900 including Norwegian VAT. In addition NOK 2832 in public fees.

Comparison: AS - NUF
Norwegian limited company (AS) and branch of foreign company (NUF)

In order to register a Norwegian limited company (aksjeselskap - AS) the paid up share capital must be minimum NOK 30 000.

The EU court decided in 1999 that an EU country may not reject registration of a branch of a company registered in an other EU country.

Many Norwegians have chosen to register a limited company in a country outside Norway where the registration requirements are less strict than in Norway. UK is the generally preferred location for the following reasons:
- Paid up share capital may be set at £1 or NOK 1.
- No audit requirements for a company with annual turnover less than £1 mill.
- UK is an EU member, and Norway which is associated with EU through the EEA agreement, is obliged to adhere to EU law.

A company registered in a country outside Norway may register a branch in Norway. A Norwegian registered branch of a foreign company (termed NUF in Norwegian) may engage in most business activities on the same footing as the normal Norwegian limited company. There is no separate capital requirement when registering a branch of a foreign company. The branch is not required to have an auditor if the branch annual turnover is less than NOK 5 mill.

In other words: By organising his company as a NUF the businessman may run his business in Norway without having to pay the annual auditor bill. There are noe minimum capital requirements. The paid up share capital may be set at an amount which the businessman deems to be suitable for his business.

If all business activities are located in Norway, the NUF's tax obligations are the same as the obligations of a Norwegain limited company (AS). If there are business activities in UK, the company must of course file tax return to the UK tax authority. An UK accountant should then be appointed to take care of this.
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